My Thoughts On The New Nikon D4 & Sunset At Bryce Canyon

January 9, 2012 by Jason Hines

In case you’ve recently taken refuge under a rock or somewhere similar, Nikon just released their newest Pro DSLR body, the Nikon D4. Now I am not normally the one to criticize technology, but I definitely expected more for the $6,000 price tag. Here’s a great post comparing the specs of the D4 vs the D3s and I have to say that it seems more like a slight stumble forward rather than a large leap like most of us were hoping for. For me, I’ll be interested to see what they have in store with the D800 which according to rumor, may be announced in February.

Bryce Canyon Sunset

I absolutely LOVE photographing sunsets. Not just because of the beauty and the color that can be observed on special days, but also because the light changes so fast and is never the same moment to moment. I usually spend a good deal of time checking out locations for sunset and I try to pick areas that I have several good compositions close to each other whenever possible. That was the case here in Bryce, there were several great compositions to be had from this particular area and mother nature was nice enough to deliver some splendid colors. I’ll share a few more shots from this area in the next couple days.

Bryce Canyon Sunset

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon 28-105
Processing: Photoshop CS5
Image Type: Manual Blend of Two Exposures


  1. Adam Allegro says:

    Nice one Jason. I know you enjoy sunsets (as do I) and this one does not dissapoint!! Well done! I was also expecting a bit more from the D4… Hopefully the D800 doesn’t dissapoint!
    Adam Allegro recently posted..Scottish Old TimerMy Profile

  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Great colors Jason with a nice composition. It’s interesting that the D4 is more an improvement in video than stills. The more I think about it, the more think that Trey Ratcliff’s post that the DSLR is a dying breed. If you have not read it, here it is:
    Len Saltiel recently posted..Dreary Day at Beckley FurnaceMy Profile

    • John says:

      Trey has some points and the entire hoopla about this article that he posted is going a little too far. The DSLR will definitely be replaced there’s no question about it, whether it’s 2-5 years from now or 10-15 years from now is the big question. I personally think that yes the consumer level DSLR will certainly be the first to disappear and probably will happen within the next couple years.

      However, when looking to the pro level camera, I feel that not only does the collection of lenses already out there, will keep the DSLR industry fed for a while. I mean even if Trey does stay true to his “I’m not buying any more bodys or lenses claim” I doubt everyone is in the same boat. Afterall you’ve invested so much money in these lenses that won’t work on your new 3rd Gen camera right? What’s cheaper a new DSLR or a new set of lenses and body?
      John recently posted..The StumpMy Profile

  3. Scott Wood says:

    I agree that the D4 isn’t what most of us were hoping for, but keep in mind, most didn’t feel that the D300 was much of an upgrade from the older D200 either, many stuck with the D200 and didn’t upgrade until much later. As for the D800, if the rumors are correct and they are going for a huge megapixel camera over increased low light, or even the level of low light of the D700 and D7000, then I think that many more are going to be disappointed in that as well.
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  4. Marty Cohen says:

    Beautiful photo Jason. I look forward to seeing more.
    Marty Cohen recently posted..The New Years Table 2012My Profile

  5. Adam Olson says:

    Nice shot Jason. I agree with you on the lack of an upgrade the D4 is from the D3S or even the D3X. It was a disappointment while reading the specs.
    Adam Olson recently posted..Blue at the CasaMy Profile

  6. Dave DiCello says:

    What a great view man, the colors are perfect!

    Seeing as I wasn’t even in the market for a D3s, I wasn’t going to drop $6K on the D$, but that being said, it is still a disappointment. I’m with Scott on the D800 too. More megapixels doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me if that is the only upgrade!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Winds of changeMy Profile

  7. Eden says:

    Gorgeous shot Jason! Gorgeous color, and really well composed.

  8. Michael says:

    I am also waiting out for the D800 :)

  9. John says:

    I’ve gotta say that I have no real desire to extend my photography to the full frame body just yet thus I really don’t care too much about the D4. I knew I’d be way out of even my dreamiest price range and felt if I ever upgrade to full frame I’d probably end up with a used D700 or 3s.

    I love photographing sunsets, they definitely require some quality planning and light tracking. You really only have about 15-30 minutes to capture the shot and each minute that passes will change the colors in the sky. It’s also important to note that a sunset can be spectacular in one location and 10-15 miles away it can be completely uninteresting. A lot of luck in finding the right spot.
    John recently posted..The StumpMy Profile

  10. Beautiful image Jason, love the composition and the colors.
    The big improvements in both the Nikon and Canon cameras look to be in the high ISO capabilities, but are they worth the price tag? I guess if you are making a living with them the price tag is not that relevant.
    Jay Taylor (aka Sirfishalot) recently posted..January 7th, 2012: Cathedral RockMy Profile

  11. James Howe says:

    First let me say that the image you posted is terrific, love the sky and the composition.

    Now, on to the D4. I think my major disappointment is the higher price (compared with the D3S) for little in the way of still camera improvements. I’ve shot video with the D7000 and decided that I didn’t particularly care for using a DSLR to shoot video, at least not the type of video I might want to shoot. I’m more interested in getting improved high ISO images with lower noise and possibly a bit more in the megapixel range. The D4 seems to have this, but at a price of about $1k more than a D3S. Not sure it’s worth it.

    I’m currently using a D700 and I’ve been interested in what a D800 might be like, but from what I’ve read it’s major change will be to a much larger number of megapixels but not much improvement on lower noise at higher ISO values. I don’t really see the need for the huge megapixel size on a 35mm sensor, but that’s just me.

    If I upgrade my D700 it might be to a D3S, or I might just invest in a couple of lenses instead. Ultimately I do think that mirrorless cameras will improve to the point where I will move to that platform instead of sticking with a DSLR but that is probably a year or two out (or more).
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  12. LensScaper says:

    Superb sunset, Jason. Your scouting has found a great foreground and mother nature obliged with the perfect sky.
    LensScaper recently posted..Window DressingMy Profile

  13. Captain Kimo says:

    Totally awesome picture Jason to bad I can’t say the same for the D4!

  14. Matt McGuire says:

    I am a Canon shooter, but the Nikon D4 looks like a nice camera, even compared to earlier models. Nikon needs to get that D800 out there, it will help push Canon to release the 5D III. :)
    Matt McGuire recently posted..NIKON D4 PreviewMy Profile

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