Post Processing Tips & Tutorials for Landscape Photography

July 24, 2012 by Jason Hines

Hi everyone! As promised, today is the first of what I like to think of as Tuesday Tutorials. Since I am much better at getting my point across through video rather than in writing, I’ve decided to start a series of post processing tips and techniques which will help you to improve your photo processing.

Today’s video focuses on raw adjustments and raw conversion. I know many photographers out there who start their workflow by converting their raw files to jpgs or loading them in a tone-mapping software without making these critical adjustments. I hope you find this video helpful and informative and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Next weeks video will be on HDR so be sure to check back regularly!

The Final Images:

Yosemite National Park

Inspiration Point


  1. Nice job on the tutorial Jason! It’s always good to see how others are getting their work done. I’ve tried a few times to create videos of my own process, but always feel like I don’t know enough yet to be teaching people how to do things!
    John Davenport recently posted..The Stars Are Falling!My Profile

  2. Jim Denham says:

    Nice work here Jason – very easy to understand both what’s behind the adjustments and how to make them!

  3. Hilton Meyer says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I enjoyed this and actually learnt something about the post processing. I seem to do all of my post processing on the RAW file in Lr and then export the results. The reason’s are two fold, firstly I have very little understanding of Ps and secondly Lr has made it so easy with the sliders I haven’t had the need to try to learn Ps. Sure this will change as I have been asking myself lately whether I need to use the power of Ps or if Lr is enough. What do you think? Is there a fallback onto Ps because this is what the old guard used and are used to using and it is built into their workflow. New photographers like myself coming into the game now have Lr that just seems to do everything for you or so it seems. I’m really interested into putting in more time in the post processing to get out of the RAW file and not sure which direction to concentrate on. Lr or Ps or even something like Nik Software addons.
    Hilton Meyer recently posted..Two Time TuesdayMy Profile

    • Jason Hines says:

      Hilton – You ask a great question! I started processing photos with Lightroom as well but eventually moved to Photoshop which I now use almost exclusively. Although Lightroom is an extremely powerful tool, it simple does not do as much as Photoshop. I believe when processing landscape photos that it’s necessary to have the utmost control and subtlety over the adjustments I make and that is not really possible in Lightroom. You can certainly achieve descent results in Lightroom but I do believe that one needs to learn Photoshop in order to continue to grow in the realm of post-processing.

      Other software that use includes Topaz Adjust & Denoise and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro

      Thanks for watching my video, I am planning to do several more which will focus on additional post-processing techniques!

  4. Jimi Jones says:

    Very nice video tutorial, Jason. I enjoyed watching it and relating much of your workflow to what my own.
    I also agree that becoming highly proficient with PS is very important, although I use LR4 as well. The final results of these images illustrate how critical it is to have a broad knowledge base of post-processing tools, whichever one chooses to use.
    Jimi Jones recently posted..Enter the CastleMy Profile

  5. Roberta Loufek says:

    Thank you! Just bought a great digital camera and am shooting in RAW, but there is so much to learn. Am spending time reading and learning about photography – please keep making these videos. This one has given me a much greater understanding of what to do with RAW photos before conversion. Have subscribed to your YouTube channel and am looking forward to future videos.

  6. Thanks for the educational tutorial. I especially appreciate the points about sharpening and the use of the tool for lens corrections.
    Donnie Nunley recently posted..Motel Ranger
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    El Reno, Oklahoma
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  7. Good work Jason. Need to give this a try. I’ve generally been sending photos directly to Photomatix. I’ll go ahead and try making some RAW adjustments first and see what happens.

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