2013 Supermoon Photos: 8 Pictures of the Perigee Moon

June 22 - 24, 2013

This year, I decided to go all out with the Nikon 800mm lens plus a 1.7x teleconverter to capture the supermoon as close as possible. I hope you enjoy the collections of photos I have taken so far – I will be shooting from Friday through Sunday night and updating the latest photos here.

If you enjoy these, become a part of the chase for the perfect photo by supporting The Art of the Chase, my photography documentary on Kickstarter. Be on the lookout for two special rewards for prints of Supermoon 2013!

First, let’s start off with a little info about the lens and an update on the film project!

Now, let’s take a look at the supermoon!


This is my first test shot with the Nikon 800mm. I used a 1.7x teleconverter to achieve a focal length of 1350mm. It was a HUGE thrill seeing the moon through the viewfinder at this focal length. The detail is absolutely astounding – I can’t wait to use this for the rise of the Supermoon.

Supermoon 2013 Photos

This was my favorite shot from my first afternoon of chasing the Supermoon. This is a five image vertical panorama with each image taken at 800mm. As the sun continued to set, it illuminated these aspen trees beautifully and as the sky gradually darkened, the moon became brighter. I hope to use this technique tonight at the Grand Canyon.

Supermoon 2013 Photos

This was one of the few wider shots I took of the moon. I love the simplistic feel of this image and I think the final version may turn out to be a black & white.

Supermoon 2013 Photos

This is another test shot at 1350mm taken much later at night after the sky had turned much darker. Because of the contrast with the sky, you can see a lot more detail.

Supermoon 2013 Photos


It was a great day here at the North Rim. The gorgeous beauty of the Grand Canyon is always inspiring to me and I feel that I come up with something new every time I’m here. I scouted the area at Point Imperial and lined up a couple shots for the moonrise. After many difficulties, I was able to come away with two shots I liked. The “real” Supermoon is rising later tonight and I’m really excited for another great evening of shooting. I’ll have more updates about my images when I get back from the Rim! Thanks for looking and supporting The Art of the Chase.

This is a 14 frame panorama taken with my Nikon 28-300 at Point Imperial at the Grand Canyon. As the sun set and the moon came out, the wind began to blow. This made very difficult conditions for using a long telephoto lens. After a great deal of persistance I was able to capture the 14 frames I needed and here is the result. It seems to be the favorite as it was featured on the NBC News website and has over 2,000 +1′s on Google+!

Supermoon 2013 Photos

While scouting the area, I found this beautiful burnt tree and I knew it would make a great frame for the moon. There was no way to use only the Nikon 800mm in this shot, so I took one exposure for the foreground and stars at 28mm and another for the moon at 1350mm. Although this is not exactly what I’m looking for, I’m glad that I was able to come up with a vision of how I wanted this one to look. This one was also featured on NBC Nightly News.

Supermoon 2013 Photos


Here are the final shots of supermoon 2013! The evening wasn’t looking too promising at first due to strong wind gusts and a heavy layer of clouds. But everything calmed down just in time to capture these images of supermoon rising.

Supermoon 2013 Photos

Supermoon 2013 Photos

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  1. Marty Cohen says:

    This a great series of images Jason. Beautiful photography with great definition and composition. I think you keep surpassing yourself each time you’re out shooting!
    Marty Cohen recently posted..ReflectionsMy Profile

  2. JTydings says:

    I would love to use these photos while teaching science to my middle schoolers this year. Well done, Jason.
    I am a new big fan of yours!

  3. Kyung Seo says:

    I like your video on Kickstarter and photos. Keep forward. Happy to know you.


  4. Your portraits are brilliant…Thanks for such beautiful photography of moon… Great… 

  5. Linda Casey says:

    I was unable to view the moon from my location in the Netherlands. These are the MOST amazing shots EVER!! Thank you for sharing. 

  6. Lyn Wilson says:

    LOVE the Grand Canyon scene. You must be proud to get such a beautiful photo. 

  7. Michael Johnson says:

    very impressive photos, thanks for posting, I will pass on your name

  8. Kimi says:

    You have captured a truly phenomenal cosmic happening in these beautiful shots. I am so impressed and honestly grateful these shots exist. xoxo

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