The Haunted Mill

June 14, 2011 by Jason Hines

Here’s another shot that I took during the Photowalk this past weekend. This is a shot of the Hayden Flour Mill that was built in 1874! My mouth waters when I think of the Urbex potential of this building. Unfortunately, it on a VERY busy intersection and is only 3 blocks from the nearest Police Station. If that wasn’t enough, the place is well sealed and there are security cameras around the outside of the building. We have of course asked permission to get in a photograph is but were denied. I don’t think that even I would attempt to get in. As I said before, I may be crazy but I’m not stupid.

When I took this photo of the building I immediately thought of the movie “The House on Haunted Hill,” and that was the inspiration I used during processing. I tried a lot of different effects and finally came out with a result I liked. This is a single image which I did NOT tonemap for once. I used Topaz Detail to add a little extra texture to the building, then I used the 30′s Noire filter from onOne’s Photo Tools to convert this to b&w. Next, I added some horizontal grain using Photoshop to provide some interesting texture to the image. I finished up by adjusting the contrast on the image and this is the result.

A big thank you to Mike Olbinski who was awesome enough to hook me up with a promotional copy of onOne’s Photo Tools!

Hayden Flour Mill Tempe

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: Nikkor 18-105mm
Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5, Topaz Detail, onOne Photo Tools


  1. Jimi Jones says:

    Nice shot, Jason.
    You did a fine job of processing this. It does have a spooky look to it. :-)

    Like you, I can imagine all sorts of great photo ops inside. It would be an opportunity to go back in time.

  2. Dave DiCello says:

    Whoa, this looks really creepy man, your processing is perfect!

  3. Jim Nix says:

    spooky and fun, well shot Jason!

  4. Curt Fleenor says:

    This definitely has a real “film noir” look and feel to it…great shot!

  5. The b&w works well for this. I was working on my version of this last night and couldn’t decide on the processing. Nicely done Jason.

  6. Carlos says:

    Nice job Jason. Great shot again!

  7. A.Barlow says:

    There ya go man! Nice processing on this one. Love the really dark faux film grain on it.

  8. Chris Nitz says:

    Nice spooky shot Jason. I sure as heck would not go here now.

  9. Awesome man! Love the look.

  10. Adam Allegro says:

    I get very frustrated at times due to the total lack of support and access to photographers everywhere. Did you know tripods are basically banned from downtown Rome?? I constantly get hassled when I have one, all over Europe. Oh well… Keep shooting I say.

  11. Nice Processing! It gives a rough feel to the industrial image.

  12. My skin is crawling, this is so cool! Bummer on not being let in, that kind of sucks a bit… but it’s also kind of cool to use your imagination in conjunction with this VERY dramatic image! Great work, Jason!

  13. Jim Denham says:

    Spooky! Nice work Jason! Love the processing!

  14. The height of this building is jaw dropping. Can you imagine what it would be like to photograph from the inside, looking up! Write a letter, make a few calls, but get in before the whole thing is leveled. Wonderful, eerie shot.

  15. Chrisdmrf says:

    There’s a similar mill near me in the UK which I want to have a go at this year, it’s accessible but the floors are missing in large areas.

  16. Jan Winther says:

    Wow, very nice effect. I havent seen the movie you were talking about, but I have seen a similar effect used in video games.

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